Tricks Used by Creditors to Find Your Assets

When a creditor obtains a judgment against you, they have several avenues available to them to get payment on that judgment.  One such avenue is to attach your bank accounts.  Ever wonder how the creditor finds out where you keep your money?  One trick commonly used by creditors to find your assets is to send you a check for some nominal amount of money.  Sure the check is real, and when you cash it, you will receive that $4.00 in overpaid funds, but the creditor will receive something much better.  They will receive the information on your banking institution and bank account which will then allow them to go after the funds in that account.  The moral of the story….Be careful when you receive free money in the mail, particularly when it comes from someone you owe money to.  Most likely, that unexpected good fortune will ultimately turn out to be a windfall for your creditor.  For assistance with creditor judgments, contact the Law Office of Suzanne Szymoniak today.


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