Illegal Collection Attempts

Despite what creditors might think, they are not allowed to do whatever they want to collect on their debts. There is not only a State Statute which limits how creditors can collect, but also a Federal Statute that is meant to protect individuals from illegal collection attempts. One example of what creditors are not permitted to do can be found in this article. But your creditor doesn’t necessarily have to be engaged in fraud to be in violation of the law. Some additional actions which could be a violation include: contacting the debtor at unusual times, calling the debtor’s place of business, continuing to contact the debtor after the debtor has indicated in writing that they refuse to pay or wish for the creditor to discontinue contacting them, threatening violence or harm to the physical person, reputation or property of any person, using obscene or profane language, or threatening to take action that cannot legally be taken or that is not intended to be taken. If you think that your creditor may be engaged in illegal collection attempts, contact the Law Office of Suzanne Szymoniak today. If your creditor is violating the law, they could end up paying you.


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