Use Your Tax Return to Finally Get Out of Debt

It’s tax time, and for many people, that means a tax refund.  Many times, people will use their refund to try to get caught up on bills that they have fallen behind on over the past year i.e. credit card debt incurred during the holiday season, past due utility bills, some unexpected medical expenses, or that remaining cap balance.  Unfortunately, for most people, the couple hundred or thousand dollars that they receive from Uncle Sam will not be enough to fix their economic problems.  It may provide them with a short reprieve, but in three to four months, they find themselves back in the same economic crisis.  If you are one of those individuals, one solution may be to use your tax return money to retain an attorney to assist you with a bankruptcy filing.  While this may not be the best solution for everyone, if you find that your tax refund will barely be enough to cover the minimum payments on your credit cards for the next two or three months, then a free consult may be in order.  After all, you don’t want to use your return to pay down the balances only to find that you need to re-use the cards to cover your minimal living expenses.  For more information about bankruptcy or to schedule a free consultation, please contact the Law Office of Suzanne Szymoniak.


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